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On Friday we had the pleasure of welcoming the Canal and River Trust into school for a water safety assembly. Fabulous engagement from all our pupils and some great information shared. Thank you


Our Year 2 class enjoyed their first cooking lesson this week. Attenborough class made their own dough and chopped the toppings for their pizza's. They then took these home with instructions on how to cook for their dinner!


We recently welcome a talented local artist into school to work with our reception class. Delia shared her work, style, media and inspirations as well as running activities with the children allowing them to learn new techniques.


Thank you Banbury Library for sharing these beautiful pictures of our Year 1 and Year 2 class' art work after their trip to the library to celebrate World Book day 2023.


What a fantastic week celebrating World Book day! We have had breakfast and a book with our families, our reading challenge, school trip to Banbury library and now our favourite book character costumes.


We had a fantastic turn out for our breakfast and a book morning.



We welcomed in some of our parents/carers yesterday to assist with our community art project. They are helping create a fabulous Cherry Tree out of recycling materials. We cant wait to see it completed!


Here is our fabulous Reception class team dressed up for NSPCC number day!


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Congratulations to everyone at Banbury primary school rated as 'outstanding' in very first Ofsted inspection


We are officially OUTSTANDING!Read the report: are also in the local news! Read the report here: couldn't have done this without our amazing staff, pupils and supportive family community - well done everyone!


Banbury library are currently displaying some fabulous wreath designs from our Reception class. They have been a huge hit and are bringing big smiles to those visiting. Beautiful work Nightingale class!


We would like to say a huge thank you to Crockers in Southam for their very kind donation of this beautiful Christmas Tree, our pupils and families love it!


Our final open event will be held on January 9th 2023. We would like to invite any prospective families looking to join us form September 2023 to come along and meet our team.


We will be hosting a second open event, on Monday 14th November from 9.30 to 11.30am, This is for parents unable to make the open event presentation on Tuesday November 1st.Please note space is limited and requires booking in advance. Please call the school on 01295 574004.


What a fabulous result from our book fair this week! Our pupils have raised nearly £250 worth of books for our school library. Thank you so much.


Sports4Kids coming soon to Cherry Fields.


A little taster of our hobby horses! Year 1 have enjoyed working alongside Simon Tipping to produce our May Day inspired carnival parade. We are excited to share the final product with our school community soon!


We have had a wonderful day celebrating our very first Cherry Fields sports day. Fantastic effort from the team, our pupils and all our families.


Our Physical Education offer will allow all children to develop a passion for sport and physical activity whilst also embedding life skills. All PE lessons are active and inclusive to ensure all children can participate. Our PE curriculum offers links with our whole education offer by providing opportunities to develop oracy skills, providing a range of entitlements and building up pupil’s knowledge of different sports and life skills. We strive for children to develop a lifelong passion for sport and physical activity to ensure they are prepared to make healthy, active choices as they develop towards adulthood. 

All children are taught 2 hours of high-quality PE each week through a wide range of sports including gymnastics, dance, invasion games, net and wall and striking and fielding games and athletics. We ensure children are exposed to a broad range of sports by also incorporating OAA (outdoor adventurous activities), health and fitness and golf into our PE curriculum. In Year 3, children attend weekly swimming lessons to build up water confidence and learn different strokes. All lessons are active and engaging for all children to participate in.  

Through PE lessons, we also ensure we educate children on the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. We encourage children to walk to school and take part in physical activity outside of school. Children are taught about the impact exercise has on our body and the benefits of an active lifestyle.  

In PE lessons, children will have lots of opportunities to develop their oracy skills. This could be through explaining how to perform a skill or leading a warm-up. The school’s core values will also be embedded into PE lessons alongside sportsmanship and fair play. Children will learn to develop greater self-esteem and confidence. 

During the EYFS stage, children will start their physical literacy learning path. They will develop an understanding of how their body moves, explore basic agility, balance and coordination skills (ABC’s), and begin to enjoy PE and sport on their own and with others.  

In Key Stage 1, children will continue to build on the fundamental skills of agility, balance and coordination (ABC’s) through a variety of activities. They will explore a range of different equipment through a multi skills approach. Children will become increasingly confident movers and will continue to foster an enjoyment of PE.  

As children enter Key Stage 2, they will start to apply their fundamental skills to specific sports, securing the sport specific skills and starting to apply their knowledge to simple games thinking about working as a team. In upper Key Stage 2, children will be taught about attacking and defending skills in relation to different sports. They will apply their knowledge to game situations and build on skills to work as a team. Children will get opportunities to explore being not only players within sports but also coaches and referees.  

Throughout all year groups, children will have opportunities to develop their movement skills through athletics, gymnastics and dance as well as team games. They will be able to develop important values through OAA and develop their love for being active through health and fitness units.  

During a unit of work, children are encouraged to reflect on how they are developing new skills and areas they feel they need to continue to develop. There are also opportunities for children to demonstrate the skills they have learnt through end of unit competitions.  

Daily exercise is so important and the key is to make it fun. Joe Wicks was very popular during lockdown and was an inspiration to many. The children (and staff) also really enjoy Go Noodle Dance Videos. See links below:

Joe Wicks - PE

Go Noodle Dance Videos